Team Development

Team Development
RGA has the expertise to help teams develop the core capabilities and skills that result in increased profitability, growth, and innovation — the primary indicators of high performance. We take a dual approach by helping the team as a whole identify priority development goals, and by helping each team member define his or her individual contribution to those goals — with a singular focus on only those goals that will significantly enhance team performance.

The Team Leader
The team leader plays a pivotal role in achieving team high performance.  RGA works with team leaders to help them assess their strengths and development areas specific to this role.  RGA teaches team leaders to become superb coaches of their people and to create a feedback-rich environment, two critical areas that set the stage for team high performance.

Group-level focus
We are known for developing high quality customized assessment techniques and for facilitating rigorous discussions that get to the heart of the data.  By assessing elements of Organizational structure, Team Leader capabilities, Team member behaviors and Climate, we help teams identify priority development areas and teach them the skill necessary to close the gaps.  

Individual-level focus
Each member on the team plays a critical role in realizing the team's progress. Individuals identify their own development edge and create goals that are tightly linked to the team's priority areas. RGA supports individuals in achieving their goals by providing coaching, working one-on-one with the team's leader to build her coaching capacities, and by delivering targeted skill-building sessions.

Measurement of Progress
Throughout our team development engagements, we assess group and individual progress against benchmarks.  We develop metrics against the goals that matter most to enhancing team performance.  RGA creates post-development plans so that the team and its members continue to apply their learning in the future.

updated: 14 years ago